Visual Characteristics of Restorative environments

The aim of the study is to understand the characteristics of environments that are important for people to feel ‘restored’. We also want to know whether these characteristics are related to peoples’ preference for the country or the city.       

Part 1a is Complete

Thankyou to all of the participants who took part in Part 1a of this study. We have completed data collection and three participants have been selected at random to receive their Online Shopping Vouchers for taking part:

Participant A: £30 PIN = 23*******5
Participant B: £20 PIN = 31*******3
Participant C: £10 PIN = 44*******2

We will post details of the results as soon as we have completed analysis.

If you would like to take part in Part 1b, please go to Online Research.

Get in touch with Dr. Stephanie Wilkie for more information